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An affordable price for a Legal Custom Cheer Mix!  This is the Quick Custom Mix.  We keep the production on these mixes to a minimum while still giving the customer that “cheer” sound they are looking for.  These low level mixes are great for those that need a mix quick!


1)Select song choices: Legal Cheer Music Library

2)Tell us what to say for your voice overs. (Please provide team name, colors, mascot, inside phrase, etc, for voice overs)

We will always use the following section template unless otherwise instructed for


5’6’7’8 (intro), Opening Motions/Standing Tumbling, Stunts, Jumps, Running Tumbling, Pyramid, Dance

Our experienced producers will place the sound effects for you. 5 BUSINESS DAY TURN-AROUND!!! That’s pretty quick for a custom cheer mix:)

Voice Over Styles:

Male Announcer (djENCI)


Fancy Boy (djENCI)


Rap (djENCI)


Southern Swagger Rap (djENCI)


Relaxed (djENCI)


Child’s Whisper (djENCI)


Kusdem Raps


Classic Kelly






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Low Level



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