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The very best Legal Custom Cheer Music Mixes for your lower level All Star, Rec, and Poms routines. Still competitive, yet more affordable:) We save time in the studio by using premade backbeats and builds to complete your custom cheer mix. Select any song from the Legal Cheer Music, Power Music Licensing, or Unleash The Beats Library.  Not sure what to do? Just tell our producers to “Work Their Magic” and pick your songs. Unlimited sound effects and voice overs are included, however we also now offer Premium Voice Overs including raps by cheer industry favorites as well as offering “Sing Song” style with melody and lyrics of your choice in both Male and Female voices.

Select song choices from the following Preferred Music Providers:


Legal Cheer Music Library

Unleash The Beats

Power Music Licensing

2)Tell us what to say for your voice overs. (Please provide team name, colors, mascot, inside phrase, etc, for voice overs)

5-10 business day turn around.

Voice Over Styles:

Male Announcer (djENCI)


Big Movie Voice (djENCI)


Fancy Boy (djENCI)


Rap (djENCI)


Southern Swagger Rap (djENCI)


Relaxed (djENCI)


Child’s Whisper (djENCI)


Kusdem Raps


Mel QT


Classic Kelly


Hollywood Heather (Female Announcer)


Hollywood Heather (Cartoon)


Sophie (Little Girl)




Male Singer – Kusdem


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