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100% Original Custom Cheer Music

100% original, legal, and licensed custom cheer music for your team’s next Worlds, Summit, or Nationals event!  djENCI has arrived on the Legal Cheer Music scene. Insane raps, blood boiling music, original singing, and out of this world sound effects. For those teams that can’t get enough intensity…this is for you! It’s time to reach for the stars with our Original Legal Cheer Music!  There are a limited number of slots available for this product so order now and reserve your spot for the 2016 cheer season!

Voice Over Styles:

Male Announcer (djENCI)


Big Movie Voice (djENCI)


Fancy Boy (djENCI)


Rap (djENCI)


Southern Swagger Rap (djENCI)


Relaxed (djENCI)


Child’s Whisper (djENCI)


Kusdem Raps


Mel QT


Classic Kelly


Hollywood Heather (Female Announcer)


Hollywood Heather (Cartoon)


Sophie (Little Girl)




Male Singer – Kusdem


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100% Original Custom Cheer Music – Elite Level, Worlds, Summit



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