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www.LegalCheerMusic.com is part of the 100% Original and Licensed Cheerleading Dance Music Inc. family of cheer services,

Cheerleading Dance Music Inc. is a Preferred Cheer & Dance Team Music Provider by USA Cheer.

 Music Examples: Both examples use original music and vocals for the entire mix!  We use beats from our Legal Cheer Music Library.
100% Original Mix – Hip Hop style All Star mix – Jr!

All custom legal cheer music orders use original/licensed music and voice overs.

Search our Legal Cheer Music Library Here – Legal Cheer Music Library

Licensed “cover song mixes” are also available through www.CheerleadingDanceMusic.com:

This form of custom music has been deemed acceptable by USA Cheer/Varsity/USASF.  Any “Master Rights or Receipts” required for competition will be emailed, to the purchaser, with the final mix.

100% Original – Elite Level – Worlds, Summit, Nationals $799 – 2:30

High Level Original Songs $599 – 2:30

Mid Level Original Songs $499 – 2:30

Low Level Original Songs $399 – 2:30